How A Windmill Works - Aermotor
The water pumping windmill is a simple, efficient design.
  • The blades, also known as sails, of the windmill wheel catch the wind which turns the rotor.
  • The wheel assembly is attached to a hub assembly by long arms.
  • The hub assembly drives a geared mechanism that converts rotary motion to an up-and-down motion.
  • That up-and-down motion drives a long sucker rod, also known as a pump rod, up and down inside of a pipe in the well.
  • Attached to the end of the pipe is a cylinder with a sealed plunger going up and down inside that forces the water up the pipe.
  • Each upstroke pulls water into the cylinder.
  • On the downstroke, a check valve in the bottom won’t let the water be pushed out, so the water is forced up the pipe with the next upstroke. 

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