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Since 1888, Aermotor Windmills have been an American icon. They gracefully stand out against the horizon and seem to whisper stories in the wind of American craftsmanship, American grit, and the American way of life.

We love to share stories of the Aermotor Windmill - from daily ranch and farm life to rich family histories to careful historical windmill reconstructions. Please share your Aermotor story with us and we'll share with the rest of the Aermotor family.


Aermotor Windmill becomes Eagle Badge Project

Aermotor restored for Eagle Badge
Aermotor Project Manager Eagle Scout Project

Project Date: September 2017

Location: Tilly Foster Farm, Carmel, NY

This Aermotor Windmill is located at Tilly Foster Farm in Carmel, NY which operates as an educational and culinary institute.  (Read more about this amazing historic farm and the work they do here here: ).

The windmill tower was put up approximately 12 years ago, but sat without the motor and fins until this spring when County Executive, Mary Ellen ODell, suggested Michael OBrien take on the task of installing the windmill parts on the tower as his Eagle project - the highest rank you can earn in Boy Scouts.  Michael  took on the project wholeheartedly, and with the help of adult volunteers and donations of a lift and crane, the job was completed on Sept. 16th, 2017.

The windmill currently is just decorative, but plans are to have a complete Aermotor Windmill up and running on the farm soon!





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