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How do I protect my windmill during high winds?

Aermotor Windmill furledA typical water-pumping windmill uses an off-center mast pipe and an oversize tail vane to turn the blades out of the wind (furl) at high wind speeds. An adjustable spring is used to select the speed control point to furl the windmill out of the wind and to return the windmill into the wind as the wind speed decreases. Windmills are also equipped with a lever at the tower base to manually turn the windmill out of the wind and set a friction brake.

The windmill in the photo is shown "furled", or turned out of the wind (blades are parallel to the tail). 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship Aermotor Windmills across the globe.

What information is needed to determine the size of windmill I need?

Email us the following information and we'll help determine the best size windmill to meet your water needs:
- total depth of well
- depth of static water
- gallons of water needed per hour

Are you the only manufacturer of Aermotor Windmills?

Yes! We are the only manufacturer of genuine Aermotor Windmills and windmill parts.

Other companies purchase windmills made in Mexico, South America and China and sell them as Aermotor and being interchangeable with Aermotor. But there are no substitutions for the American-made quality we build into every Aermotor Windmill and Aermotor Windmill Tower.