Aermotor Windmills Owner's Manual

  • Aermotor Windmill Owner's Manual

Aermotor Windmills Owner's Manual



Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Aermotor Windmills (Owner's Manual).

Black and white, 24-page instruction booklet on installation, operation and maintenance of Aermotor Windmills. Includes over 30 illustrations and drawings. 8 1/2" x 11" plain stock, suitable for use in 3-ring binder.

Table of Contents:

  • Windmill Specifications
  • Assembly of Stub Tower
  • Assembly of Sail Sections
  • Assembling the Windmill
  • Changing Mill to Short Stroke
  • Oiling and Caring of Windmill
  • Replacement of Hub and Shaft
  • Replacement of 752 Bearing
  • Replacement of 523 Guide Wheel
  • Problem - Cause - Remedy
  • Windmill Maintenance Program
  • Engineering Data