Aermotor Windmill Information

All Aermotors should be well-erected, so they will be able to render the best service. To insure this, it is necessary for the mill to have a good wind exposure. The load must be a moderate one. The windmill should have clear wind exposure and be above any close obstructions. The size of the cylinder and pipe should correspond closely to our recommendations listed below. Never use a 1-inch cylinder down pipe for the well, no matter how small the cylinder.



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Average Water Needs

Milking cow, per day35
Dry cow or steer, per day15
Horse, per day12
Hog, per day4
Sheep, per day2
Chickens (per 100), per day6
Bath tub, each filling35
Shower, each use24-60
Lavatory, each use1-2
Flush toilet, each filling2-7
Kitchen sink, per day20
Automatic washer, each use30-50
Water softenerup to 150
3/4" hose, per hour300
Other uses, per person, per day (avg)25

Pumps and cylinders used with the various sizes of mills should be capable of giving a clear stroke, equal in inches, to the diameter of the windwheel in feet. Example: 8″ for an 8′ wheel, 10″ for a 10′ wheel

*Pumping capacities of Aermotor Windmills shown in the table below, are approximate, based on the mill set on the long stroke, operating in a 15-20mph wind. The short stroke increases elevation by one-third and reduces pumping capacities by one-fourth.

Size of Cylinder
*Capacity Per Hour
Elevation in Feet to Which Water Can Be Raised
(size of Aermotor windmill)
1 7/8125180120175260390560920
2 1/418036077112170250350590
2 1/22253256594140210300490
2 3/42653855680120180260425
3 1/2440640355076115160265
3 3/47306598143230

Selection of Cylinder – Open top cylinder is recommended, where it can be used. Inside diameter of the drop pipe is slightly larger than inside diameter of cylinder. This permits lowering or removal of plunger and check valve, through drop pipe.